Pharmacy Management System

A pharmacy employee must work longer hours due to query management, payment systems, and due collections. Among other things, a pharmacy employee must work longer hours. They must also look after documentation and records such as drugs, new stock, revenue, invoices, etc. Manually performing these tasks takes a significant amount of time, and manual errors are not uncommon and also your time has been wasted by the conventional pharmacy management scheme. If you want to reduce the cost and improve the quality of pharmacy management software?. Through the advancement of your attempt, we can more widely address the prevalent automation technology and reduce the level of your suffering. Our best pharmacy management software more broadly discusses the prevalent automation technologies and reduces the extent of your misery if you want to reduce the cost and increase the standard of pharmacy management service through the advancement of your attempt.

Pharmacare Features That Will Make Your Pharmacy Shine

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System for Managing Medicine

Since hospital and pharmacy environments are constantly changing, our pharmacy management software, to be evaluated regularly to ensure that they continue to meet today's needs. Generate medicines with the following information like brand name, generic name, code number, barcode, shortcode, category, image, purchase, selling, VAT percent, opening stock, and supply name. At the end of the year (or) at any time, check the stock of each commodity.Also,

  • Removal of waste products
  • Determine the discount product percentage
  • Print barcodes on a label printer or laser printer.

System for POS and GUI Invoice System

Voxforem was one of the first programs to provide a graphical interface to pharmacies. Text-based systems are no longer in use. Colors, action buttons, simple point-and-click procedures liven up the screens, making them more user-friendly.

The POS Software (Point-of-Sale) is designed in a modular form that allows you to have all of the various modules fully integrated and running simultaneously. POS Software includes a robust set of features and reports that give you the control you need to run your company more efficiently and effectively. All of this is at a section of the cost of other POS packages.

System for Inventory Management

Pharmacy inventory management is a part of pharmacy software that automatically takes an accurate inventory. Pharmacists can efficiently review valuable details about various drugs, suppliers, and wholesalers by generating a variety of reports. Barcodes that meet regulatory criteria are incorporated into our automation strategies, allowing for improved pharmacy inventory management. Pharmacy software and the features of inventory management, on the other hand, take your inventory automatically and frees your staff’s time. Our pharmacy management software is far more than merely managing and maintaining inventory.

  • Alert about the minimum stock
  • Maintain purchase orders on time
  • Track the damaged stock
  • Monitor the return of Expiry
  • Get notified when drugs are banned

System for Stock Report

Manage pharmacy software effectively keeping track of expiration dates and reducing out-of-stock products. Keep track of expiring drugs and inform the sales team so that the expiring stock is sold first. The first report shows the overall quantity of all items while the second report shows the quantity by batch. In this list, you can also search the expiration date of medication by batch.

What Will Our Pharmacy Tech Tools Do For You?

More people use medicine and health products throughout their lives as the world's population grows older. While there are many opportunities, the pharmacy industry is tough and competitive. Our pharmacy software system comes with several features that will help you stay competitive while also making your everyday tasks easier.

Income and Expense Report

Any company must keep track of its profits and expenses. Our pharmacy management software allows you to keep track of your profits and expenses.

Supply and Purchase Report

Our pharmacy management software is dedicated to effectiveness and dependability. Simple yet effective accounting module with robust accounting controls more/fewer features easily update, adjust, and evaluate project expenses. Stock and buying processes are improved, and transparency is improved.

Complete Account system

You can manage all of your account details such as balances, payment methods, debit vouchers, credit vouchers, and so on, with the feature of our best pharmacy software in India, Zambia, and the USA.


You can able to tally the revenues produced by the stock movement by the end of the month. You must be aware of each inventory unit's sale, as well as what has been disposed of or destroyed. The report is a collection of data in pdf format that is produced by an online pharmacy software based on the search criteria.

Sales Management

Daily sales information, monthly and annual sales reports, overall revenue, most recent order information, return or change sold items, and adjust the discount and selling price as needed.

Benefits of a PMS

A Pharmacy Management System (PMS) that is correctly tailored to meet all of a pharmacy's demands might assist in reaching numerous objectives at the same time. You can provide the finest degree of individualized care while still maximizing earnings, cutting costs, and adhering to all rules.

Hospital Pharmacy System Provides Premium Modules


Customer Management


Supply & Purchase




Invoicing System


Financial Module


Product Management




Users management


POS Management


Sales Graph




SMS Management

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