Diagnostics Intelligence software for laboratory

A full-featured, web-based, and cloud-enabled laboratory management software allows pathology labs and diagnostic centers to work remotely. Voxforem LIMS offers an unrivaled level of client participation in customizing the app to their specific requirements.

E-lab software is built using a high-level programming language to provide an easy and user-friendly interface with creative features to handle the entire management process. El-Vida allows the laboratory to automate workflows, integrate software, and manage samples and data. Our LIMS software is integrated with billing and allows for sample selection, performance tracking, error checking, and printouts. This lab automation system produces error-free results in no time! This custom software was created for labs and pharmacies to help them run more efficiently.

In India, Zambia, and the USA, we are the leading provider of clinical Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) (or) lab management software (or) laboratory software as well as Order Entry and Result Viewing Software. Our LIMS technology manages the entire diagnostics cycle, from ordering an investigation to tracking it through diagnosis and delivering results to clinicians and patients.

Full reports such as e-billings, payments, the patient admit & release, room service management, blood Reports, commission, prescription, CRM, scheduling management, and many others can be managed on a dashboard.


Benefits of laboratory software

All you need is in one easy-to-access space with our single module, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or Lab Management Software. Voxforem takes care of both the clinical and billing aspects of the practice.

Pathology Lab Management Software

Pathology Lab Management Software automates laboratory reporting to reduce human errors and provide data that is reliable, scalable, and stable.

e-lab software & LIMS

Voxforem joins the compliance and structured features of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with the flexibility of an e-lab software.

Documentation Solution

We provide a complete documentation solution that spans the entire development life cycle. Developmental studies, manufacturing batch records, synthetic chemistry, and all other facets of the lab/manufacturing process are all supported by our framework.

Digital Patient Experience

Provide a consistent patient experience, from scheduling home visits to getting updates and making payments through the app, SMS, and WhatsApp.


Boost lab productivity and profitability. Claims rejections and manual processes are reduced. Medical Need Tests, Accounts, Receivable, Scrubber Tool, and other services are available.

Diagnostic management software

Full reports, such as E-billings and Payments, the patient admits, release patient, room service management, blood Reports, commission, prescription, CRM, and many others can be managed on a dashboard.

Hospital Lab Management Provides Premium Modules


Managing Tests


Doctors Management


Patient Management


Generating Patient Receipt


Patient Test Report


Print barcodes


Multi-branch laboratory


Internal chat


Monitoring online users


backup database


Supports Multi-language


Supports RTL

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We are extremely pleased with the system, its robustness, and the outstanding support given by their team during preparation, implementation, and post-implementation.


I like that the Lab Management System is very simple to use with a team of dedicated staff, and that the program is very user-friendly.


We've been using LMS at our facility for a while now. It enables us to easily operate our laboratories.


Because of its reliability and high-quality lab management system, we recommend software to every other company. Keeps labs on track by ensuring the workflow is consistent and efficient.