Our Stock Management Software

Our stock management software program allows you to increase and decrease stock levels for new items, refunds, damages, shrinkage, and promotions, as well as multi-item stock adjustments. Stock is held in warehouses or other unique locations, with bays, aisles, and bins inside such warehouses. Using our warehouse management software to keeping track of stock levels in a warehouse stock control system involves keeping track of amounts per position and sub-location. Individual items may be stored or packed into cases or handling units. A stock report that includes product name, model, quantity, selling price, supplier price, stock out, stock in, stock in hand, and other details.

  • For complete item inventory, stock in and stock out.
  • Create a printable label and automatically add a barcode.
  • Sub-category structure for product categories.
  • Network with multiple warehousing.

why Inventory Management Is Easy?

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is a piece of software that automates inventory tracking, ordering, and buying. It also keeps track of supplier accounts and warehouse stock levels. To prevent product overstock and outages, a well-known company uses inventory management software. Our inventory ERP software is a web-based platform that allows you to easily manage your inventory (for example, all goods/items or products, purchase, sales, stock, bin cards, and so on).

Point Of Sale (POS)

A point-of-sale (POS software ) is a place where customers of a small business exchange money for the small business's goods or services. You may also use pos software, such as a barcode reader, to generate invoices, which is the most practical method at the moment. There are multiple payment APIs that have been integrated ( Cash buttons, Stripe, Authrise.net, PayPal, Secure Pay).

Products and Sales

Access real-time and historical data to determine obtaining decisions and stock allocations, maximizing your sales with perfect stock clarity. Using a stock management software or stock control system, you can add, refresh, and count thousands of inventory items at once using the export and import wizard. Significant adjustments, such as price and other product information improvements, can be applied quickly. Use barcodes for products with different barcodes for different product variants. Receipts also have barcodes on them so that you can quickly locate orders.

Warehouse ERP

The entire function of a warehouse, including inventory control, is supported by a warehouse management system (WMS). The warehouse management software, which is often combined with a transportation management system(TMS), can also control the entire supply chain process.

Suppliers, orders, shipments, locations, transfers, goods, stock items, prices, quotations, invoices, packaging, and customers are the top-level principles involved in warehouse software. Essentially, warehouse management software and systems help to automate the processes to increase efficiency. From a more human perspective, directed operations are a benefit of warehouse management. The creation of features for adding or editing existing information, such as supplier, customer, object, and position, is also part of our warehouse inventory management software services.

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