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The Library Management Software is both strong and user-friendly. librarians and administrators can effectively handle library records. A systematic, structured framework allows students to borrow books. It's a fully integrated library management system with a full modern integrated library system, circulation, comprehensive integration, and acquisitions capabilities. Many other powerful features are available in our library software that is not available in comparable programs. Designed by librarians for librarians because librarians know what their libraries want.


Multilingual language support

This means it can be shown with menus in 14 different languages. When using the system, users can choose their preferred language. For Russian, Arabic, Chinese, English, and Western character sets, the database also supports UTF-8 Unicode characters. If you like, you can customize any language or add a new one.



Using a manual or barcode scanner, Library management software allows for the full management of multiple item concerns and the return of books. This school management software has a built-in feature for bar-code generation and printing. The use of barcodes in library management software systems simplifies the day-to-day tasks of large libraries with tens of thousands of transactions. Furthermore, the application can function without the use of bar codes.


Print book catalog 

The use of barcodes in library management simplifies the day-to-day tasks of large libraries with tens of thousands of transactions. Furthermore, the library management system software can function without the use of bar codes. This software has a built-in feature for bar-code generation and printing.


Member management (member types and members)

Do you need to sign up a new member? Simply enter their name, phone number, and email address, and then upload a photo. Librarians can easily monitor information, keep track of borrowed books, and filter data by specifics like due dates or the number of visits using the powerful reporting function.


Report (fine report and notification report)

This library management system software can be used to keep track of user data such as book registration, balance penalty amounts, and so on. Users may also review their personal information and receive notifications about the balance of their penalty book return dates, and available books.



The use of barcodes in the library management system software simplifies the day-to-day tasks of large libraries with tens of thousands of transactions. Furthermore, the app can function without the use of barcodes. This software has a built-in feature for bar-code generation and printing.


There are numerous benefits to using digital libraries. There is no need to preserve the sign of who is lending books. At the same time, one electronic book can be shared with all students. Learners can quickly locate required books using the library's web interface. They also can search within a book by keyword, which is not possible with paper books. Our primary goal was to create an online library management system with search functionality to assist in the discovery and management of library resources.

Paperless Systems

To keep track of the books borrowed and returned in a physical library, proper records must be kept. There is now an LMS that enables staff to enter book information and check availability. Voxforem school library management software allows to quickly find the needed book or browse the library sections for students, teachers, and professionals. The built-in web reader helps you to open and read books directly from your web browser or smartphone. All of this data can be digitized and uploaded to an electronic library.

Online read facility (PDF,ePUB)

Using our online library management system searches for terms, phrases, and more inside single sentences in a book, or throughout the entire library are included in the library management system. You can find resources for any given media in your library using powerful reference searching. Different combinations of the author, publisher, topic, and sub-subject can be found using the online library management system by typing a keyword in the text box or selecting the name of a media author, publisher, or subject.


OPAC refers to the online public access catalog. Links to eBooks and an online presence for library products. Writers, subjects, and genres are all factors to consider. The library's inventory of ebooks is available on the intranet and the Internet (OPAC). Library management software admin/members can easily search for books by author, title, accession number, publication date, and language.

  • Author, Coauthor
  • Add Book in store
  • Year of Publication
  • Updated Information

    Another strength of a library management system is that students can still get current information. Changes made to the eBooks' source files would be immediately mirrored in the e-library. Having a digital library allows you to supplement your current eBook collection with additional media material. A physical library mostly consists of books and CDs, but you can now expand your collection with animated films, narratives, webinars, videos, and audio files. You'll be able to provide your readers with a myriad of different services.

    Book Management

  • Create Book category/subcategory
  • Add Book in store
  • Manage product inventory
  • Book barcode generate facility
  • Manage damage Book
  • Damage Book will auto deduct
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