Why Use Learning Management System?

An LMS software is a learning management system that enables users to learn from any place. It also aids in the removal of social and physical barriers. As a result, LMS software is the best medium for learning in this case. More importantly, the LMS software makes it easier for students to complete their studies. Learners may use the system to complete homework, study, and activities related to reading, writing, grammar, listening, and vocabulary, among other things. Furthermore, the aim is to promote the concept of having guides available to students at all times and in all places to help us extend our real-life learning.

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Simple to operate and maintain

We're true to our tag! Our LMS software eliminates the frustrations that come with large, inefficient systems. There are no technical requirements. Clear and straightforward. This system includes multiple features that allow an administrator easy to manage and track the entire system. If an administrator is unable to control the whole system on his own, he needs assistance, which this system provides.

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User Friendly System

Even though our learning management system software is primarily a learning platform, we make every effort to make it as user-friendly as possible. A user can simply demand any course from this page, and the courses they purchased would be stored in their user profiles. Being a result, people can access this course at any time and from any place.

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User Roles and Admin Interface

An individual who is in charge of the general system, teacher administrators, and course settings is known as a local administrator. A person or administrator is in charge of designing and administering the course's topics and lessons, as well as organizing the entire learning process. The Admin area customizes and changes the general and configuration settings of the three main LMS areas Teacher, student/learners, and local admin. It's an LMS software platform that allows you to monitor courses or training experiences concerning learners.

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Personalized learning management system

Our learning management system software (LMS software) can adjust to the way you teach, as well as the way your students or staff learn. Learning management systems are meant to keep track of all of your accomplishments. The course delivery in your LMS software will modify based on the learner's behavior patterns using sophisticated automated approaches.

E-Class LMS

A virtual classroom is a computerized version of a physical classroom or training space. The teachers teach, and the students learn in real-time, face-to-face, but through internet-connected technology devices.

Course Report

You'll need an LMS to monitor your learners' progress and operation. With the use of Voxforem's LMS reports and dashboards, you can assess performance and gain insight into the effect of training, or you can generate custom reports that are delivered via email.

Video Assessments

Allow students to capture and upload videos of themselves giving presentations like elevator pitches or product overviews. Videos are evaluated by coaches or administrators, as well as by AI features based on keywords and speech rate.

Interfaces and APIs

Infrastructure integration is seamless thanks to standardized interfaces and transparent API management.

Payment Gateways

With full confidentiality, accept online and offline payments.There are multiple payment APIs that have been integrated (RazorPay, Instamojo, PayTM, PayU Money, Cashfree).

Forums and Certification

Enable students to participate in discussion forums. Choose from a variety of models and set your own rules for allowing certificates.


LMS Keyfeatures

Consequently, the learning management system is content-friendly. Make the most of your best material by repurposing it through different courses. Import valuable information from the internet to improve them even further. Choose from thousands of ready-made courses on a wide range of topics in the Courses Marketplace. For your training program, get the best. Allow learners to turn in assignments in a variety of formats. Set requirements and deadlines based on the rules of the course and the prerequisites. To convey user questionnaires that are tailored to their needs. Also, obtain insightful information about employee engagement and course effectiveness. Keep all of your files in one place. Organize them, reuse them on other courses, or share them with specific users.

Assignments, quizzes, online tests, and certifications include high-quality and accurate online evaluations. An LMS (Learning Management System) is less expensive to set up and scale than conventional classroom-based instruction, and it's much more convenient for both teachers and students because it doesn't require physical attendance or set class times. Tests and quizzes are the bread and butter of student success measurement, whether in a conventional school setting or E-learning. They cannot provide a comprehensive qualitative appraisal of a student's development, but they can be very useful in highlighting areas where the student's comprehension is lacking. To take advantage of randomization and personalization in tests and quizzes, make sure the LMS has a wide enough pool of questions to choose from, all of which are skill-level sufficient.

Forums to interact between the Admin and Learners. To get answers to their questions, learners will ask questions, discuss course material, and engage in forum discussions. Users will be asked to troubleshoot the problem using the help tool at the next stage of support. This will include a series of pre-programmed questions and answers focused on commonly asked questions. Email is another frequently used support level to provide support. In this level of assistance, users send an email to the administrator with their support request. A Help Desk service is typically used for a Learning Management System (LMS), which has thousands of users in different parts of the world and several LMS managers to provide support. The Help Desk tool will generate a ticket in the system and provide an automated response to the user and the appropriate administrator as soon as possible.

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