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Powerful ERP Integration For Your Institution's HR & Payroll Management.

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Viewer for Real-Time Transactions

All HR payroll software data are synchronized and stored in one database. From a single place, you can see everything, anywhere. Voxforem hrm software in India, Zambia, and the USA keep track of all employee records, streamline HR tasks and gain fast insights into your workforce. Watch as programs are put in place, productivity skyrockets, and the stage is set for a fantastic workplace!

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Cutting-edge security

In India, Zambia, and the USA HR and payroll software (HRMS) is widely used. We deliver our deliverable payroll hr & payroll software to our customers after ensuring that all of the latest security modules are in place to ensure the cutting-edge security of the software's information, preventing information from being hacked. Also, we are aware that the industry currently offers a variety of HR and payroll software solutions.

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Lowering Operating Costs

In your HR department, you can save time, manpower, and stress. Enable our one-of-a-kind system to do the heavy lifting for you. Go paperless and save the world with smart and effective digital record-keeping!


Payroll Software

The payroll management system aids payroll managers in keeping correct records. It measures and keeps track of employee pay and deductions. Administrators can also handle direct deposits and print checks. Payroll management system software supervises taxation, deductions, and allowances are all complicated. To experience a new level of payroll productivity, take control of your payroll activities.

  • Why Do You Use our hrms payroll?
  • Salary payments were made on time
  • Productivity has increased
  • Cost-cutting
  • Compliance reports are spotless
  • Benefits and deductions
  • Tax deductions
  • Salary credit


Hr and payroll software in India, Zambia, and the USA are completely user-friendly. We prevent complications in program activity by taking into account various levels of users.

Income Tax Calculation

For income tax calculation, a monthly deduction of income tax through a hrms payroll is used. For potential audits, it is important to calculate precise tax deductions.


HRMS software provides all HR monitoring resources such as employee leave tracking, employee management, training management, time-tracking, and other HR-related parameters.

Leave Management

An employee leave management framework makes workforce management easy. With an automatic attendance system, you can keep track of approved/unapproved leaves, absenteeism, working hours, sick leaves, and more at the touch of a button.

Employee management

HR management system software can handle their workers regularly with the aid of a committed hr management system software. This includes a self-service portal, attendance tracking, complete and final settlement, leave approvals, and more.

Time and attendance

In the use of human resource and payroll software to handle employee attendance and hours are tracked. Using time and attendance software, also known as a time clock. Employees may use timecards, physical devices, biometric devices to clock in and out.

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